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Translation Coordinator (H/F)


Description de l'offre

Position Title: Translation Coordinator Division: Central Services
Sub-Division / Department Language Services
Reports to: Language Service Manager
Position summary
FIFA and the Qatar LOC have created a new Joint Venture (Q22) that will be responsible for the operational delivery of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The translation coordinator manages and coordinates all translation request across all FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LCC projects and serves as the main contact with the appointed translation agency ensuring that translations are delivered at the highest standards.

Key responsibilities
  • Coordinate and manage all translation requests across all FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC projects.
  • Close collaboration and coordination with the local Translation Agency appointed to support the language services operations.
  • Quality control of the translations delivered by the Translation Agency, ensuring the uniformity and highest linguistic standards.
  • Documents translation and revision from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English.
  • Keep the Translation Memory (TM) updated.
  • Support the interpretation activities when required.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Language Service Manager
Qualifications and experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in translation, linguistics or relevant field required.
  • Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools qualifications.


  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience preferably in international projects.
  • Translation project management experience is an asset.


  • Must be native in Arabic and near native/ fluent in English, other languages are an added benefit.
  • Advanced skills in CAT Tools (i.e. SLD Trados Studio)
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • High attention to detail and accuracy.
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 skills framework
COOPERATION: Capacity to work in a team and to contribute to the accomplishment of shared objectives. Ability to share information and knowledge with colleagues at all levels (equals, superiors and subordinates), within unit and towards other units / divisions.

INCLUSIVITY: Ability to identify, construct and maintain a network of support contacts to achieve the objectives of the organisation.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Inclination to dedicate oneself to one’s responsibilities, to care about the quality and to assume the consequences of one’s own actions and/or decisions.

INNOVATION: Capacity to break new ground, look for different solutions, come up with fresh ideas. To think and act unconventionally.

TRANSPARENCY: Ability to objectively analyze one’s behavior and action, to identify shortcomings, question oneself and learn from one’s mistakes.

FLEXIBILITY: Ability to adapt to circumstances, contacts, new working methods and tools while remaining productive in different or ambiguous situations.

ANALYSIS: Ability to identify and evaluate existing or potential problems and to identify the various aspects, to detect the causes and any links between them.

PERSERVERANCE: Ability to maintain one’s commitment to an activity or project and to complete it irrespective of any obstacles.

PLANNING: Ability to foresee the need to act, to draw up a coherent and chronological plan, to establish priorities, to allocate resources, to develop a system of control, and to re-adjust the plans.

Work location – including start and final location
Start Location Doha, Qatar Moving date  
Final Location Doha, Qatar End date  


The position is located at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 HQ, Doha

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