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Media Operations Senior Manager (H/F)


Description de l'offre

Position summary

FIFA and the Qatar LOC have created a new Joint Venture (Q22) that will be responsible for the operational delivery of the FIFA World Cup 2022. The Media Operations function provides the services and conditions for all media to report about the competition to billions of viewers, listeners and readers around the world. The Media Operations Senior Manager has the key role in leading the preparations and delivery of those services.


Key responsibilities

  • Coordinating media operations related matters for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and linked events and contribute to the event media services, planning and communication
  • Responsible for detailed planning and implementation of media facilities in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stadiums
  • Taking part in the planning and implementation of media facilities and services in the main media centre
  • Managing the cooperation with international news- and photo agencies, planning and implementing tailor-made solutions and services
  • Informing and taking care of media in general, potentially other target groups and general public
  • Supports the FIFA Media Department in media operations work
  • Supports the FIFA Media Department and the FIFA/Q22 management in media activities
  • Contributes to the information flow from the media departments of FIFA and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC)
  • Responsible for media operations in different FIFA/Q22 events
  • Manages planning, preparations and fulfilment of inspections to the FWC 2022 stadiums and various other locations where media will be working
  • Participates in the development and management of trainings, workshops and production of information for media-related workforce and volunteers
  • Organises media conferences, media days and other media activities
  • Involved in accreditation, administration and information matters (media guide)
  • Contributes to the general development of FIFA’s media operations duties – procedures, guidelines, checklists and support to member associations
  • Participates in the daily services to media – email correspondence, telephone services, writes and edits media information when required


Qualifications and experience


  • Education – Bachelor Degree or Equivalent



  • Education/Training in communications, associated with a job position in the media areas of a company/association or an organisation
  • Alternative: Education/training as journalist/editor (print, electronic, news agency)
  • Profound experience in detailed planning, implementing and operating media infrastructure at international sports-, preferably football events and in line with industry standards
  • Profound experience in planning and executing media operations procedures at international sports-, preferably football events in the media areas – newspapers/websites/TV/Radio
  • Profound experience in event management, including working with and coordinating suppliers
  • Knows how newspapers/television/websites are structured, how they approach work
  • Has a good professional/media network. Is capable to follow-up and expand the network
  • Comprehensive knowledge of international sports media landscape
  • Excellent language skills in English, knowledge of one or several other FIFA official languages is an advantage
  • IT-experienced, knowledge of usual office software and Internet (MS Word, Excel, etc …)


  • Strong communication skills
  • Flexible but still efficient
  • Ability to analyse and understand complex situations and suggest/take appropriate decisions and measures
  • Pro-active approach and creative problem-solving skills
  • Efficient multi-tasking person with ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Ability to take decisions
  • Ability to forge links and to mediate
  • Ability to build relationships of personal trust
  • Ability to act diplomatically, can cope with frustration
  • Team player – both as a team member and team leader
  • Ability to handle allocated budgets
  • Capability of managing projects and deliver on time
  • Good coordinator with common sense and able to make priorities
  • Team leader


FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 skills framework

COOPERATION: Capacity to work in a team and to contribute to the accomplishment of shared objectives. Ability to share information and knowledge with colleagues at all levels (equals, superiors and subordinates), within unit and towards other units / divisions.


INCLUSIVITY: Ability to identify, construct and maintain a network of support contacts to achieve the objectives of the organisation.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Inclination to dedicate oneself to one’s responsibilities, to care about the quality and to assume the consequences of one’s own actions and/or decisions.


INNOVATION: Capacity to break new ground, look for different solutions, come up with fresh ideas. To think and act unconventionally.


TRANSPARENCY: Ability to objectively analyze one’s behavior and action, to identify shortcomings, question oneself and learn from one’s mistakes.


FLEXIBILITY: Ability to adapt to circumstances, contacts, new working methods and tools while remaining productive in different or ambiguous situations.


ANALYSIS: Ability to identify and evaluate existing or potential problems and to identify the various aspects, to detect the causes and any links between them.


PERSERVERANCE: Ability to maintain one’s commitment to an activity or project and to complete it irrespective of any obstacles.


PLANNING: Ability to foresee the need to act, to draw up a coherent and chronological plan, to establish priorities, to allocate resources, to develop a system of control, and to re-adjust the plans.



Work location – including start and final location
Start Location Doha, Qatar
Final Location Doha, Qatar


The position is located at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 HQ, Doha

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