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IT Workforce Management Coordinator (H/F)


Description de l'offre

Position Title: IT Workforce Management Coordinator Division: Event IT
Position summary

FIFA and the Qatar LOC have created a new Joint Venture, which will be responsible for the operational delivery of the FIFA World Cup 2022.


The Workforce Application Coordinator is responsible for aligning FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC workforce application projects requirements to the FIFA solutions, addressing all the pre-tournament and Tournament needs to the relevant FIFA team and following up all phases, from the conception to operation at the venues/sites and dissolution.


Key responsibilities

  • Ensure that all Q22 workforce IT related needs (from the business point of view) are captured and analyzed by the IT Solution Architecture of FIFA, identifying and addressing all gaps of the relevant applications teams
  • Map overlaps and gaps from Q22 workforce and FIFA IT landscape, ensuring alignment between Q22 and FIFA IT team and external entities related to this area
  • Develop progress, risk and issue management regular report according to IT governance and keep counterpart aligned
  • Assist in the external Vendors selection by providing an assessment on technical capabilities to support the Q22 processes solutions
  • Support the IT master delivery plan from the workforce application perspective
  • Ensure the implementation of policies, standards and procedures related to the workforce application as well as relevant guides and training materials
  • Responsible for liaising with FIFA IT teams and relevant providers the cycle of the workforce product development including the delivery of user manuals, support training sessions for end user
  • Coordinate Release and Deployment management with the FIFA IT teams and suppliers
  • Ensure positive attitude from the application teams and good relationship with all the parties, including FIFA teams, Q22 workforce, end-users, suppliers, Host Country in systems Implementation and operation
  • Responsible for coordinating the Workforce requirements for all modules of the Workforce System (including, but not limited to, Volunteers, Workforce Planning, Paid Staff Management, Assignments, Scheduling, Rostering, Training, Uniforms Distribution and Operations)
  • Maintain full integration with all Workforce modules as well as any other system or providers that exchange information with the Workforce System
  • Engage all relevant stakeholders (including Workforce, Accreditation and the system providers), ensuring the alignment of all relevant rules and policies with the system
  • Consolidate system customization, gap analysis, testing requirements and user acceptance, securing all appropriate documentation in a timely manner
  • Perform homologation tests with the Operations & Maintenance are for delivering the systems for production, securing a proper handover to operations
  • Ensure that the system providers have devised plans to ensure business continuity including procedures for preventions and recovery from threats
  • Actively participate in any workforce integration meetings and ensure that system related risks and issues are raised and followed up to resolution
  • Provide a high level of service for the system users prioritizing requests and manage deadlines for system phases and updates
  • Ensure the workforce/volunteer portal operation for a positive experience for all applicants
  • Support Workforce in the delivery of the system training to all users
  • Ensure a smooth transition from system development to implementation (including software/hardware installation, setting up users and access privileges etc.) and operation
  • Provide support to problem resolution after the go live date, as part of the integrated IT Support Model
  • Ensure that all workforce application incidents are tracked in the ITSM and supported as per SLAs, as part of the IT support model
  • Look after the quality of the end users experience to guarantee their overall interaction with FIFA World Cup 2022 is pleasant


Qualifications and experience

  • A minimum experience of 5 years in Technology
  • University degree or similar higher education, in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Computer Science or related field
  • Strong IT skills and knowledge, especially in Applications development and delivery
  • Experience in provision of technology services for major events
  • Experience in Project Management and management of suppliers
  • Experience in workforce systems
  • Experience working on the gap analysis based on AS-IS, To-Be processes and proposed changes for process improvements
  • Experience in business analysis and business process implementation
  • Technology certifications such as, e.g. ITIL Foundation
  • Good communication skills
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Fluency in English is essential, fluency in Arabic is an asset
  • Team Player, willing to work to tight timelines
  • Positive attitude, patience and persistence


FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 skills framework

COOPERATION: Capacity to work in a team and to contribute to the accomplishment of shared objectives. Ability to share information and knowledge with colleagues at all levels (equals, superiors and subordinates), within unit and towards other units / divisions.


INCLUSIVITY: Ability to identify, construct and maintain a network of support contacts to achieve the objectives of the organisation.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Inclination to dedicate oneself to one’s responsibilities, to care about the quality and to assume the consequences of one’s own actions and/or decisions.


INNOVATION: Capacity to break new ground, look for different solutions, come up with fresh ideas. To think and act unconventionally.


TRANSPARENCY: Ability to analyze one’s behavior and action, to identify shortcomings, question oneself and learn from one’s mistakes.


FLEXIBILITY: Ability to adapt to circumstances, contacts, new working methods and tools while remaining productive in different or ambiguous situations.


ANALYSIS: Ability to identify and evaluate existing or potential problems and to identify the various aspects, to detect the causes and any links between them.


PERSERVERANCE: Ability to maintain one’s commitment to an activity or project and to complete it irrespective of any obstacles.


PLANNING: Ability to foresee the need to act, to draw up a coherent and chronological plan, to establish priorities, to allocate resources, to develop a system of control, and to re-adjust the plans.


Work location – including start and final location
Start Location Doha, Qatar  
Final Location Doha, Qatar  


The position is located at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 HQ, Doha.

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